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TechCare’s revolutionary platform uses cold vapor technology in a variety of treatment solutions.

TechCare’s revolutionary platform uses cold vapor technology in a variety of treatment solutions.

Inspired by simple, natural treatments that have been used for generations, TechCare’s renowned scientists combine traditional wisdom with innovative, proprietary technology and years of research, to create solutions that answer the needs of today’s consumers. 

Based on natural, plant-based ingredients  with no added chemicals, the TechCare technology is extremely user friendly, and achieves excellent results in just minutes.


Made from lightweight, flexible material, the adjustable cap fits snuggly around the hairline, with plenty of space to tuck all the hair inside. On the outside of the cap is a nozzle to which the capsule is attached.


Filled with a natural vinegar-based solution, each capsule contains enough of the active ingredient for one treatment. It clips on easily to the cap and to the tube of the vaporizer, staying in position throughout the treatment.


The vaporizer is a small, portable, battery-operated electronic devic. Once the cap and capsule are in place, the vaporizer is turned on, enabling the release of the active ingredient from the capsule directly into the cap.


The effectiveness of the TechCare technology comes from two key features: the active ingredient and how it is delivered.

The capsules contain an organic organic, plant-based solution with no added chemicals. The proprietary formula is known to have many benefits, including fortifying, revitalizing and nourishing hair. It is also a powerful antimicrobial which can kill bacteria, fungus and of course, lice. 

The TechCare solution is delivered through a process of vaporization. The natural, plant-based formula contained in the capsule is broken down into micro particles that penetrate deeply and evenly into every part of the hair, from root to tip.




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